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17 663 m2
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14,72 PLN
260 000 PLN
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Budownictwo jednorodzinne indywidualne, Tereny zabudowy mieszkaniowej
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Description of property

The plot in the construction part - about 700 m2 with its forest, green area of about 1.7 ha. Right next to one of the quarries at the foot of the Ślęży massif. With access to the trails. On 700 square meters it is possible to build together with driveways, 30% terraces, i.e. approx. 210 m2. The rest should be treated as recreation or you can implement nursery, fruit growing, water reservoirs. According to the local plan, the MN area is intended for single-family housing. In MN areas, it is allowed to locate objects with the following parameters: Height - a maximum of 1.5 above-ground floors, i.e. ground floor and usable attic, while the height calculated from the level of the existing area in the entrance area to the level of the roof eaves should be in the range between 3 , 0m and 4.5m Roofs design steep, ridge with a symmetrical roof pitch and angle of 40 - 45 degrees. Acceptable mansard roofs, dormers, bevel cuts, etc.

Other information

  • Prąd: W drodze
  • Ujęcie wody: Miejska w drodze



Maciej Kurnicki

Maciej Kurnicki


+48 602 375 107

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