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1 000 m2
Cena za m2
199 PLN
199 000 PLN
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Description of property

A plot by the sea in Sarbinowo near Mielno. Only forest separates the sea. Destination of the area: service and residential development areas, among others: * holiday and hotel centers * residential buildings with infrastructure, * service buildings related to sport and recreation - for service functions the following is excluded: the location of commercial facilities with a sales area of over 100 sq m is excluded. 400 m²; - for the residential function it is determined: * the residential function is only allowed as an accompanying service function, not exceeding 30% of the total usable area of buildings on the plot. Housing development is allowed in the form of single-family housing, Housing development is allowed in the form of free-standing buildings or built-in premises in buildings with a service function; Building area index: a) no more than 25% of the building plot area, b) biologically active area: not less than 40% of the building plot area; Building height: - for residential and service buildings: no more than 12 m, - for garage and utility buildings: no more than 6 m, - number of floors: no more than 3 floors above ground, including attic, - building intensity: no less than 0.1 and not more than 0.8, Roof parameters: - gable or multi-hipped roof with the main slopes inclined at the same angle, - slope angle: 35 ° -45 °, Front facade width of the building: - for residential buildings and service: no more than 20 m, - for garage and utility buildings: no more than 10 m;



Maciej Kurnicki

Maciej Kurnicki


+48 602 375 107

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