Osiniec, ul. Osiniecka

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1 342 m2
Cena za m2
120 PLN
161 040 PLN
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Tereny usług, Tereny obiektów i urządzeń infrastruktury inżynieryjnej, Tereny wielofunkcyjne

Description of property

A plot in Wrocław intended for main class roads and transport reserve. Currently in private hands for sale on the free market to a person who was able to use the value of the property. 120 PLN per m2 - area 1342 m2, in the shape of a triangle. Electricity + water + gas on an asphalt road in front of the plot. The area is determined as an area intended for public purposes. Purpose: streets, telecommunications equipment, surface waters are established for the 1KDGP area. The following land development arrangements are in force: the main street is accelerated traffic, at least one-sided walkway, bicycle path, street greenery applies. An area is designated for the communication reserve, marked in the plan with the symbol KS as the possibility of connecting the estate with an external communication system. The location of the gas station is prohibited on the area marked by the symbol KS in the plan.

Other information

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Maciej Kurnicki

Maciej Kurnicki


+48 602 375 107

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